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Important Notice:

The offers and prices within the Best Buys are proprietary promotional offers and do not necessarily reflect nor imply endorsement or participation of the original manufacturer. Trademarks, service marks, advertising wording, designs and corporate logos on products displayed in this catalog are intended to show examples of what can be accomplished and are not to be construed as endorsements or approvals. All copyrighted information and registered designs are the property of their respective owners.

Kaeser & Blair Inc. has tried to be as accurate as possible when presenting information, however, errors can occur. K&B is not responsible for incidental, special or consequential damage resulting from errors in information in this catalog, regardless of the origin of those errors. Colors of items and imprints shown in this catalog are as close to the actual colors as the printing process will allow. If color is critical to you or your customer, secure a sample for approval before order is entered. Set-up, art, shipping & handling, extra imprint colors and other services will affect total costs. Check with your K&B Dealer to verify pricing.

Kaeser & Blair is the sales agent/distributor of the merchandise offered for sale in this catalog. K&B is not the manufacturer. All merchandise shown will be substantially as displayed and described. All merchandise is manufactured in compliance with applicable standards and regulations to the best of our knowledge and belief. The appropriateness of an item for a specific purpose or end user is to be determined by and is the responsibility of the purchaser. Many promotional items contain small parts and are not intended for or appropriate for small children. Knives, cutters and other tools can cause injury if not used correctly or if allowed to be used by children. Insulated beverage containers may keep liquids very hot; caution is necessary when handling or consuming hot beverages. K&B is not responsible for any incidental, special or consequential damage resulting from inappropriate use of merchandise. Merchandise failing to arrive by a specific event date, providing the event date was a condition of the original order, may be refused by the customer and returned to K&B. Kaeser & Blair Inc. is not responsible for any incidental, special or consequential damages resulting from missed event dates. Production times indicated are approximate and do not include delivery time. For even greater selection, the very latest discounts, our current specials or to find an item featured in last year's Best Buys but not showing in this issue, visit www.kbbestbuys.com

Kaeser & Blair Dealers are advised to be familiar with this information and to advise their customers accordingly.

  1. Artwork: Good art files are necessary to reproduce your logos and imprints. Outline (vector) art files are preferred but high quality .pdf files are usually acceptable. Reflective (hard copy) art will be converted to digital files and may result in extra charges. Art files may be sent by email to: artdept@kaeser-blair.com. Ask for our instruction sheet to ensure an accurate and successful upload. If art is to be created by the K&B Art Department, normal charges are $10 to $30 per one color art or $20 to $40 per two color art net. Complex art will be quoted.
  2. Tooling (cuts, screens, dies) and Set-up Charges: Depending upon the production method, item selected and the price structure, set-up and/or tooling charges may apply. Consult the specific Best Buys advertised item for these charges. Reorders placed beyond 24 months from the most recent identical order may require new charges for tooling and/or set-up. Reorder set-up may apply to all reorders.
  3. Product Colors: Color samples shown are to be used as a guide only. Due to variances in the photographic and the printing processes involved in the production of our catalog, slight differences in the product color may occur. If a product is to be used for a particular "color" coordinated promotion and product color is a significant part of the promotion, we ask that you order a random sample or a product proof prior to production.
  4. Imprint Colors: Standard imprint colors vary from item to item and manufacturer to manufacturer. If a specific PMS color match is required, contact a K&B Dealer Service Representative for pricing for the specific product as each manufacturer will have their own pricing policy.
  5. Future Deliveries: Generally, manufacturers and K&B can accommodate orders calling for delivery at some future date. However, at these deeply discounted prices all orders must be completed no later than December 31, 2024 for immediate shipment. Shipments cannot be scheduled after December 31, 2024 at these prices unless approved by the factory.
  6. Multi-colors or Multi-location printing: Unless specifically quoted on the product page in our catalog, all pricing includes single color only printing in a single location. For items not listing multi-color or multi-location printing as an option, contact a K&B Dealer Service Representative for pricing or availability.
  7. Pricing Expiration: All prices in this catalog expire at midnight December 31, 2024. Orders signed and dated prior to 12/31 and received by K&B by January 10, 2025 will be accepted.
  8. Production Time: All production times listed are "approximate" and cannot be guaranteed due to variations depending on seasonal changes. Time quoted are actual "working days" (Monday through Friday, excluding holidays). Please allow additional time for orders to reach K&B, plus 1-2 days for K&B processing, time for orders to reach the factory and 3-5 for delivery by ground shipping. For "Special Event Dated" orders, refer to item # 11.
  9. Proofs: Paper Proofs of the proposed imprint copy can be provided upon request. Many proof charges are listed in this catalog. A factory may have a proof charge even if it is not listed in this catalog, check with your K&B Dealer Service Rep. Product proofs (pre-production samples) may also be available on certain items, consult your K&B Dealer Service Rep. for costs.
  10. Samples: Random imprinted samples are available on any product shown in the Best Buys Catalog at 50% of the smallest quantity list price shown. Sample purchases must be prepaid, Major Credit Cards accepted. All samples shipped prepaid by ground. If expedited service is needed, appropriate charges will apply.
  11. Special "Event" Dated Orders: Do not "assume" that a specific date can be met if the item ordered is for a special event and would be worthless if delivered after the date. Each case must be specially authorized by a K&B Dealer Service Representative. Once authorization has been pre-approved, be certain to expedite your order by online order, email or overnight delivery to K&B and put the required "in hands delivery by or notify date" in the appropriate box on the K&B order form. Also be sure to list the name of the K&B Dealer Service Representative that received the pre-approval from the factory.
  12. Substitutions: At times, K&B and our manufacturers find it necessary to make substitutions. We reserve the right to provide like product of equal or greater value without notice. Note: It is especially prevalent on caps - we do not advertise or guarantee a specific brand. This may vary from order to order depending upon availability. On wearables it is not uncommon to find variations between "dyed lots" and colors may also vary from order to order.
  13. Under-runs or Over-runs: Due to the very nature of automated high-speed production equipment and methods, it is not possible to guarantee exact quantities. It is industry standard practice to allow for an under or over run of 5% on certain items. Some items even run much more in higher quantities. Invoices will reflect the actual quantity shipped.

Prices and shipping subject to change due to world market prices of raw material and energy. Current prices are listed on our website www.kbbestbuys.com. Price changes that go into effect after a factory ready order is received by K&B will not apply to your order. Orders (except calendars) requiring future shipping dates that are 60 days or longer are subject to price adjustments unless paid in full at the time order is placed. Shipping weights and carton dimensions are approximate. For large quantities, heavy items or bulky items, we suggest obtaining a shipping quote from the factory.

This publication is Kaeser & Blair proprietary intellectual property and is protected under United States Copyright Laws. No part of this catalog including all text and graphical information and cover design, may be reproduced or transmitted in any form, by any means (electronic, photocopying, recording, or otherwise) without the prior written permission of a corporate officer of Kaeser & Blair Inc. (c) 2024 K&B Inc.